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ROM–An Inspiring Venue for Site Visit


It is the end of my first semester in Seneca, and I enjoyed all our classmates’ excellent presentations of the final project analyzing the venue they observed for an event. This assignment gave us a good opportunity to contact potential employer as well as build up venue resources for our future reference.

During the course of Behind the Scenes, we had a lot of chances going out for site visit and learnt how to make use of different venues from industry professionals. After the final project presentations, I would like to choose Royal Ontario Museum for next year’s site visit. There are many up-scale events held here and at the same time, ROM is the world’s leading museum combined with history and culture. It offers places to different gatherings from intimate dinner to large-scale gala reception. With a lot of important events held here, we can get a truer picture on how these activities happened from the site visit.


Friday Night Live ad from ROM website

On Nov 27th, 2013, I volunteered for CANFAR in ROM, and had a great experience there to observe how they planned and prepared for the twilight party and after party. The activities behind the scenes inspired me so much, however, since I had to support in another venue, it was a pity that I could not tour around in ROM. I strongly recommend our program coordinator to arrange ROM for next year’s site visit. It is a great inspiration for this program.


CANFAR BSE twilight party in ROM