Sponsorship Toronto Conference


On November 6 I volunteered at the Sponsorship Toronto Conference held in the Grand Hotel and Suites, which was a quite well organized event with plenary and concurrent sessions. Guest speakers are elites in different industries, sharing their successful stories and experience in how to leverage sponsorship, partnership in marketing strategy. The conference also provided precious chance for attendees to communicate with speakers as well as their peers.


sponsors and partners of this conference


Shinning Boots – prize for the raffle


















My job was helping on the registration desk to register for attendee, guide them to relevant session rooms, keep an eye on 2 keynote speakers and get them signed the photo release. Actually things were pretty easy since my shift was the last half of the conference day. There were few registrant, sessions rooms were well managed on time that everything went smoothly without any chaos.


Time to announce winner of the prize

I was also impressed by the venue there, because each session room was close while independently private without disturbing the other and catering was easily reached as well as orderly supplied, adding a cozy atmosphere for the professional conference. This was the first conference I felt what is “well-organized” in my volunteering experience.


cozy session room, photo credit to Iyan Chan




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