Only Green Beer at Steam Whistle


When I heard that we were going to Steam Whistle for site visit, I was curious about what differentiate it from Distillery District cuz in my perception Steam Whistle may be another cultural or tourist spot transformed from an old brewing factory. Then I searched its website for more information before the tour and found that it was totally more than that. Situated in historic John St. Roundhouse, Steam Whistle is a present world class beer producer with a green brand image, inspiring starting story as well as providing brewery tours for visitors. I was looking forward to this interesting place.


the historic John St. Roundhouse

Standing on the foot of CN Tower, the huge green vat caught our eyes. Surrounded by many railways and locomotives the vintage Roundhouse reminded me my childhood life playing in my parents’ factory, a similar plant with exposed red brick and multi-paned windows. Stepping into the entrance, the stunning green logo of Steam Whistle turned up and hit us. Before the tour, we were offered to taste the beer at the counter, which was very nice even though I am not a beer lover.


You can enjoy the amazing view of CN Tower at the Brewery


Natural Ingredients in the beer

First we were ushered to the Gallery, a pretty ideal venue for art exhibition and small cocktail reception. We saw a green bicycle representing their green image at a corner and many historic photos about the plant and the company on the wall. Broken up into 2 two groups, our tour guide Tyler led us to the second floor and made a brief introduction about the beer story. It is also a new venue called Mezzanine Room enclosed in glass windows that we could enjoyed all the views of Toronto skyline, Roundhouse, Gallery and Hall below. I love this place, cozy and home-like. Then he brought us down the Hall, the major event place with 30 feet height of the brewery, which is spacious enough to accommodate 500 people and versatile in holding different kinds of events, especially the outdoor patio can be an excellent expansive place to enjoy the view of CN tower. There is a packaging line beside the hall and Tyler brought out some fresh produced beers for us; the retro green bottle is very cute and distinctively designed. Tyler was a really humorous and kind person; we just followed him to go through the whole production lines and got a lively tour on how the beer is made. After the tour an introduction about the company and different events held in the venues was delivered.


Greens are everywhere


Cozy Mezzanine Room


The hall, a versatile event place

The whole trip was informative as well as inspiring. I got a clear idea on versatile functions of the venue and how different events went through with facilities. I was deeply impressed by its Green brand image, though they do not spend too much on mass advertising, their dedication on green, home delivery, vintage style and indie event sponsorship make them unique and stand out among fierce competition in a steady development.


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