Finally I learned CPR/First Aid


When I was at school, every time I saw somebody was doing CPR to rescue people on TV, I always thought that why we did not learn such basic amazing skill. So when I knew that we would take the First Aid course, I was so excited and looking forward to it though I was a little bit confused why CPR/First Aid certification is part of our EVM program. Anyway, finally I learned it and realized the importance for our program.


I spent all my strength to save him

 Jesus Gomes, the instructor of our first aid course, is really a funny guy to catch all our attention, not only for his “outstanding” accent but also for his excellent performance on teaching, which made me feel that I was having an acting class. I could not get the “Peter Peter” song out of my mind that whole night. Frankly speaking, I spent most of my time on guessing what he said by looking into the manual in combination of his body language. After Jesus’s explanation, we all took turns to practice on a mannequin. Though it was not real, it still took my full energy to save him in two minute, repeating cycles of 30 compression and 2 breaths. Doing CPR is such a tiring thing that I finally realize. Besides CPR, I also learned how to use AED machine, different treating methods for different bleedings, identifying breathing and heart diseases, basic skills for health care, especially what to do when choking happens, a very common situation that everybody may have experienced. However, it seems that no matter in what kind of situation, it always ends up with calling 911, another number that haunted me after class.


Jesus was showing how to check the person before doing CPR


everybody was practising so hard, haha

Many thanks to Jesus, this meaningful course corrects my deficiencies of first aid as well as fills my regret for not learning it during school time. All my dear friends, I have CPR/First Aid Certification now, turn to me for help if you are in need, however, hope nobody needs my assistance. 


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