First taste of Art Festival in Distillery Historic District


Though the orientation week was stimulating, I want to share my views on my first taste of Canada’s event. On the Labor Day weekend, I visited an art festival in Distillery Historic District, the first event I enjoyed in Canada. It was a summer art show presenting painting, photography, sculpture, fine craft, jewelry, music and gadget from Canada’s artists. When I arrived I was first attracted by the Distillery District’s red brick buildings, since few cities can preserve the old in downtown and transform it into an art venue that filled with designers’ boutiques and unique shops. No doubt that has become one of Toronto’s hottest tourist attractions.

Imagepeople thronged in the festival

Walking in the pedestrian-only area, every lane was crowded with artists, excellent artworks, visitors, also art lovers and potential buyers. Flowers and greenery added brilliance to the festive atmosphere, making you feel delightful wandering along each art tent. Live music performance was hidden in any corner for you to discover. All the artworks were very creative and interesting; at the same time artists were also there to answer questions or finish their work on site, so that they can get instant feedback and network with potential customers. I also observed that the artworks were priced and sold, which means the artists can seize this opportunity to not only present their creations but also expand their market network. What a successful event, combined with historic venue and amazing artwork as well as art exhibition and market.

Imageartworks made of waste materials

Image sculptures, the artist still working on another one

Imagelive music performance outside the bar

I am keen on different art festivals and exhibitions, especially that with unique cultural background. As a diversified country, different cultures are flourishing here in Canada. The Art Festival in Distillery broadened my horizons in this field and assured me of my choice in EVM program. A brilliant start for my new life and career here in Toronto.


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