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EVM Digital Toolbox – Facebook Page


History of Facebook and Facebook Pages

  • Facebook is a social networking service launched in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg.
  • The website was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League, and gradually most universities in Canada and the United States, corporations
  • By September 2006, Facebook allowed everyone of age 13 and older with a valid email address
  • In the past 10 years, Facebook developed many popular features in its platform such as Like, News Feed, Chat, Location, Timeline, Facebook Pages etc
  • The feature “Facebook Pages” was introduced in 2007, which are specialised profiles for brands (companies, organizations, and celebrities). The Fan Page has a personalised look and feel but offer additional features such as the ability to quickly send messages to thousands of fans
  • Total number of Facebook users: 1.26 billion / Total number of Facebook pages: 50 million

Who uses it— companies, organizations, and celebrities


Where is it used in the World

Facebook Pages is an important branding tool used throughout the world except that is blocked in few countries. The top three countries using Facebook Pages are United Stated, India and Brazil.

How it is used today in Marketing

Since Facebook users are with varied ages and background, creating a Facebook fan page is an amazing way to promote your business, build awareness for a cause, gather support for your band, or to advertise in a number of other ways. It is cheaper than any other promotion tools especially for small business starters.

  • Current customers or even potential customers can become fans of your page, and receive any updates that you post to your page.
  • Every time someone becomes a fan of your page all of their friends see that they have become a “fan.” This often attracts other followers as well as creates a buzz.
  • You can modify your settings to control how much or how little power your fans have to post information.
  • Engage consumers by holding campaign in fan page

Benefits of Having a Facebook Fan Page

  • Infinite Fan Count— Unlike the 5000 limitation friends on personal profile page, Fan Page can have an unlimited number of fans, which can enjoy a larger fan base for company promotion.
  • Search Engine Results—Some of the Facebook Fan pages’ content is indexed, which can be shown up on the search engines then direct traffic to the company’s website through this social media.
  • Facebook Insight—It provides Page owners with metrics about their content. You can tack the amount of views a post receives and monitor your weekly reach all within the Facebook Insights. By analysing consumer behavior of the content, it helps company to create better experience on Facebook.
  • Advertising—Advertising on Fan Page is very targeted and effective than outside landing page because Facebook wants to keep the traffic within the network.
  • Newsfeed Marketing—The regular updates on Fan Page are seen and noticed on the newsfeeds of your fans and when they interact with your page, their friends can see these on the newsfeeds. A good way to gain new fans.
  • Comment as Your Brand— When you Like pages officially to your Fan Page, you can comment on their content and posts as well. This helps increasing exposure for your brand and providing insight and conversations with a new audience

Why You should use Facebook Fan Pages over Personal Profile

  • Unlimited “friends” and pages in different topics
  • Separate personal life from business promotion
  • Look more professional on Facebook Fan Page for business
  • Access to advertising and promotion
  • Easier to manage the pages by assigning roles to different mangers

LEARN MORE ABOUT FACEBOOK FANPAGES HERE (https://www.facebook.com/sea235DMT)



















The Ring


Our first production!

Script by Iyann
Directed by Dannie
Filmed by Iyann
Main Cast: Hellen
Special Appearance: Scott
Guest Appearance: Christina and Jamie with Union Jack!

Kindly please go YouTube for comments.

Check out more for behind the scene in the blooper reel

ROM–An Inspiring Venue for Site Visit


It is the end of my first semester in Seneca, and I enjoyed all our classmates’ excellent presentations of the final project analyzing the venue they observed for an event. This assignment gave us a good opportunity to contact potential employer as well as build up venue resources for our future reference.

During the course of Behind the Scenes, we had a lot of chances going out for site visit and learnt how to make use of different venues from industry professionals. After the final project presentations, I would like to choose Royal Ontario Museum for next year’s site visit. There are many up-scale events held here and at the same time, ROM is the world’s leading museum combined with history and culture. It offers places to different gatherings from intimate dinner to large-scale gala reception. With a lot of important events held here, we can get a truer picture on how these activities happened from the site visit.


Friday Night Live ad from ROM website

On Nov 27th, 2013, I volunteered for CANFAR in ROM, and had a great experience there to observe how they planned and prepared for the twilight party and after party. The activities behind the scenes inspired me so much, however, since I had to support in another venue, it was a pity that I could not tour around in ROM. I strongly recommend our program coordinator to arrange ROM for next year’s site visit. It is a great inspiration for this program.


CANFAR BSE twilight party in ROM

Sponsorship Toronto Conference


On November 6 I volunteered at the Sponsorship Toronto Conference held in the Grand Hotel and Suites, which was a quite well organized event with plenary and concurrent sessions. Guest speakers are elites in different industries, sharing their successful stories and experience in how to leverage sponsorship, partnership in marketing strategy. The conference also provided precious chance for attendees to communicate with speakers as well as their peers.


sponsors and partners of this conference


Shinning Boots – prize for the raffle


















My job was helping on the registration desk to register for attendee, guide them to relevant session rooms, keep an eye on 2 keynote speakers and get them signed the photo release. Actually things were pretty easy since my shift was the last half of the conference day. There were few registrant, sessions rooms were well managed on time that everything went smoothly without any chaos.


Time to announce winner of the prize

I was also impressed by the venue there, because each session room was close while independently private without disturbing the other and catering was easily reached as well as orderly supplied, adding a cozy atmosphere for the professional conference. This was the first conference I felt what is “well-organized” in my volunteering experience.


cozy session room, photo credit to Iyan Chan



Dine Like a Diplomat–Eat like a Bird


Last Monday night, we went to the University of Toronto Faculty Club to study table manner and other relative social etiquette. When I got there, the entrance of the Faculty Club jumped into my eyes immediately. It just likes an old castle with greens crawling its wall. Stepping several stairs to the entrance, a vintage pendant lamp was over our heads. Opening the door, a well-dressed gentleman was already waiting there and ushered us to the second floor for our class. Suddenly I felt that I was attending a upper-class dinner.


outlook of the Faculty Club

As an Asian, I have long been confused about how to use the knives, spoons, folks, glasses and napkin gracefully. Thank goodness, I have the chance to learn how to eat and behave myself with good manners. Our instructor Leanne is a very elegant lady dressed in blue suit with a very gentle voice. Listening to her speech made me feel that she was whispering into our ears. This class was a very practical one, we had to follow Leanne’s instruction to go through the whole course of our dinner, practicing how to eat elegantly and communicate appropriately.

Importance of dining etiquette

People will judge you by your table manner, which reflecting your education level or personal cultivation, and the way you treat things in other areas of life. Poor behavior will give others a bad first impression, and you will even lose your job opportunities if you behave wrongly during a dinner.

How to dine properly


Yummy food! If you have not finished, put like this.

  • Do not choose any hard food on the menu, it’s difficult for you to keep etiquette.
  • Remember BMW, the rule to put your food from left to right—bread, meal, water.
  • Do not hold the bread and bite. Break them into bite-size, butter a bite at a time.
  • Do not make noise with your tableware during eating and try to eat everything in a small bite.
  • Keep pace with people at your table, neither too fast nor too slow.
  • Wait until the host starts the dinner, as well as others of your table are well served.
  • Do not fetch food across the table, ask others to pass what you need.
  • If you just leave for a while and come back later, leave your napkin on the chair spine rather than on the table.
  • If you want a rest and have not finished your meal, put the folk over the knife with an angle on your plate.
  • If you finished, just put them together with 12 o’clock direction.

Dining communication

  • Do not call or raise your hand to get the waiter’s attention, use eye contact.
  • Keep your nice attitude to everyone, no matter they are waiters or receptionists.
  • No phones on the table to show respect of the people you dine with.
  • Let the people of your table know when you leave.
  • When somebody gives you his business card, read it carefully.

Oh……..too many things to remember! But frankly speaking, how people can enjoy food as well dine elegantly, I really doubt it. However, now I know the etiquette and will not lose my face for my future dinner with a diplomat.

DLD 2013-11

Group photo after dinner
Photo credit:Chris Bacchus

Volunteering at Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon


It was my first time to do a volunteer job in such a big event, an unmissable event involved over 24,000 runners, nearly 3 thousand volunteers, and raised 3.2 million dollars for local charities! As an event marketing student, I gain precious on-site experience and learned a lot through 2 positions I volunteered for the marathon.

The first job I did was packet pick-up in Direct Energy Centre on Friday prior to the run day. Most of us were assigned this position since 24,000 runners came on Friday and Saturday for their packet on race day, so it was a huge workload. We arrived early that day, and before started our work I just looked around and found that there was still a press conference and expo held there, which was a great opportunity to experience the conference as well. Sports vendors could display their products to the target consumers, the group of people love sports and engage in it. It is not only a good chance to sell, but also an effective way for brand promotion.


Press Conference, photo credit to Olga


Expo, photo credit to Olga

Our job started sharp at 11, we were at the front line to greet the athletes, and handed out packets according to their bid numbers. Though the line-ups were long in the morning, things were arranged orderly that we could pick up fast and smoothly.  The high school students were also part of our important partners, they prepared for the athletes’’ bags and gave us quick response on what we need. We had to follow some rules when giving out the packets and experienced problems, our tent manager solved it in a grace and calm manner. Most people we met were nice though some were indifferent or complaining with problems, but it was part of our job to keep courteous in any situation.


Everybody’s busy for the packet pick-up, photo credit to Olga

My second position was media check-in on Sunday race day. It was a chilly day and we have to get there at 6 in dark, but fortunately the sun came out later in the morning that gave us warmth and we didn’t have to stay outside in rainy days as expected. Working for media check-in was more like a security job actually. In case that too many media reporters thronged at the finish line, there were three media areas with specific pass. Our job was to separate them into different areas and stopped public accessing to the blocked area. I assumed it was an easy position and seemed there were not so many people for the media area. However, I was totally wrong and never expected what happened in the following.

Camera 360

It was a chilly early morning

After the marathon started, more and more people came to the blocked area for media only, because it was an important access to cross the street to the opposite shopping malls or office buildings. Our tent managers just gave us instruction that do not let anyone without pass access to the area and ask them to go to help desk. Nonetheless, it seemed that there was no clear guidance on the road block, and some of them angrily shouted at us because they were in a hurry for their appointment or not satisfied that no notification of this and could not find their way out. At the very beginning, we didn’t know how to guide them and just told them to help desk. But It didn’t work well and even caused more anger and complaints because there were long line-ups on the help desk already or the “ask me” volunteers directed wrong information.  Later the situation got better when we figured out how to guide the public out the square and just repeated this again and again.


Guarding at the entrance of blocked off area, photo credit to Iyan

Though my job on race day was tiring and thankless, I did understand the inconvenience it caused for the public and most of the shouting was not for us but for their dissatisfaction on the organizations. I still appreciated this precious chance at least I saw the importance of volunteer management and negative impact if you fail to well organize an event. Two madams just said they would cut off all the business with Scotiabank, which is really bad for company image.

Nevertheless the marathon was a successful event despite some flaws, attracting worldwide athletes and several records were broken. Many of the runners were family members, for them it’s an unforgettable family time. I also saw some dressed in funny costumes to enjoy themselves. I like seeing people’s smiling faces at the finish line and witnessing such excited moment. I helped take pictures for them and I could feel how thrilled they were when they got their medals. They kissed, they hugged, they cheered! It was not just a sport event, but also a moment to show our perseverance and share joy with families and friends.


People waiting for the first runner at the finish line